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About Me

Tung Yu-Chih is a Research Scientist at Facebook. He recieved the CS PhD at the University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, advised by Prof. Kang G. Shin. His research interests include building mobile applications and security systems based on physical-layer signal processing. Yu-Chih received his M.S. from the National Taiwan University at 2012. He formerly worked as a research assistant (intern) at HP Labs with their Mobility team, at CSAIL MIT with Prof. Dina Katabi, and at Academia Sinica with Dr. Kate Ching-Ju Lin. Yu-Chih has presented his research at top-ranked conferences since 2011, including ACM MobiCom, Mobisys, and CCS. Various applications based on his research have been implemented and during the process of commercialization.

Latest News

Check My ForcePhone Video (ACM Mobisys 2016)05/2016

Go to the news about ForcePhone: [Engadget] [idownloadblog][Cerbat Gem][GIZMODO]

Work Experience

  • Research Scientist in Facebook, 2018 [present]
  • Software Engineer Intern in Facebook, 2017
  • Research Intern in HP Labs, 2015
  • Research Intern in CSAIL, MIT 2011~2012
  • Research Assitant in Academia Sinica, Taiwan 2010~2012
  • iOS/Android app developer in KingFong Corp. 2010~2011

Interests and Skills

I acquired the knowledge to construct wireless protocols and their physical-layer transmissions during my internship at MIT. I also utilized socket programming extensively in most of my projects, ranged from streaming data via raw sockets in C to integrating Java networking library into Matlab. I later applied my wireless background to audio signal processing and built several useful applications for Android and iOS. Most of my projects have been realized as practical applications, as I derive deep satisfaction from seeing how people interact with my prototypes.


  • Mobile Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Wireless Networks
  • System Optimizations


  • C/C++/Java/Python/Matlab
  • App Developments
  • Socket Programming
  • Corss-layer Optimizations

Selected Projects


ForcePhones is a software-based solution to enable the force-sensing functionality in commodity phones. This technology novelly uses the structure-borne sound propagation to estimate touch forces. Our test has shown that it can provide comparable performance as the state-of-the-art Apple 3D Touch for accomplishing simple tasks like hard-pressing a button. We have implemented the prototype on iOS and Android platforms. Since ForcePhone only uses the built-in hardware, it can be easily extended to other platforms.

My Role: Design and implement the system for iOS/Android by Java/Objective-C/JNI/Matlab


EchoTag enables commodity phones to tag and remember indoor locations without requiring any additional sensor or pre-installed infrastructure. The main idea behind EchoTag is to actively generate acoustic signatures by transmitting an inaudible sound signal with a phone’s speakers and sensing its reflections with the phone’s microphones.

My Role: Implement the system for Android by integrating audio signal processing and Java/JNI/Matlab/LibSVM


A novel security system that ensures no leakage of channel state information (CSI) in wireless networks. CSISec utilizes zero-knowledge proof and signal cancellation to secure the transmission without modifying cleint devices (such as mobile phones).

My Role: Excavate this potential wireless vulnerability and implement the system in WARP embedded testbeds


A rate adaptation protocol that solves the packet collision issue in Multi-user MIMO networks. Implementation and evaluation validate 1.7x and 2.3x throughput gains for 2-antenna and 3-antenna AP scenarios, respectively. This project was selected as one of the three nominated best paper candidates at ACM MobiCom 2012.

My Role: Implement and validate the proposed wireless protocols in USRP embedded testbeds

Labor Rights App10/2011

Kingfong (Labor Law Console) is a mobile application written for all employed citizen Taiwan and China to know their rights as workers and to assist them in calculating their salaries and benefits. The app also has a console function for posting questions and seeking professional advice.

My Role: Design the application and user interface in Java and Objective-C

Publications and Patents

Honors and Awards

  • Best Poster Award, ACM Mobisys, 2017
  • CSE Honor Competitions (Winner Of Software Group), University of Michigan, 2016
  • ACM Mobisys/MobiCom/MobiHoc Travel Grants, 2016
  • Rackham International Student Fellowship, 2014
  • Best Paper Nomination, ACM MobiCom, 2012
  • Presidential Awards (Ranked 3/200+ and Graduated in Advance), National Chiao Tung University, 2010
  • College Student Research Fellowship from National Science Council, Taiwan, 2010
  • Leader of StarVoice (University Rock Music Club) composed by 100 members, 2009
  • Scholarship from Taiwan Dao De Zong Huei Institute, 2007


  • Author of the official porting of famous LibSVM on Android
  • Co-founder of an online service AYAppTeam: Sleep-N-Game
  • Student Program Committee of ACM S3 at MobiCom, 2016
  • Reviewer of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Mobile Computing/Networking/Sensors/Information Forensics & Security and various journals